DESINTEC® MelkClean Pulver A

DESINTEC® MelkClean Pulver A (DESINTEC® MelkClean Powder A) is an alkaline detergent with a low application concentration of 0.2% for milking machines and milk cooling systems. MelkClean Pulver A (MelkClean Powder A) carefully cleans machinery and all the system parts with its strong alkalinity with high pH stability. The powder detergent is free from quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC), chlorine and nitrates. It efficiently loosens fat and protein soiling across a broad spectrum of water hardness and temperatures, and guarantees a low germ count in the milking system.

Use: MelkClean Pulver A (MelkClean Powder A) is usable for pipelines, milking equipment and cooling troughs.

Packaging: 10 kg bucket


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