DESINTEC® MelkClean Pulver S

DESINTEC® MelkClean Pulver S (DESINTEC® MelkClean Powder S) is an acidic detergent with a low application concentration of 0.2% for milking machines and milk cooling systems. MelkClean Pulver S (MelkClean Powder S) gently cleans machinery and all system parts. The powder detergent is free from quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC) and phosphates. It efficiently loosens limescale and milk stone across a broad spectrum of water hardness and temperatures, and guarantees lower germ counts in the milking system.

Use: MelkClean Pulver S (MelkClean Powder S) is usable for pipelines, milking equipment and cooling troughs.

Packaging: 10 kg bucket


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