DESINTEC® MelkDes 15

DESINTEC® MelkDes 15 is a peracetic acid containing disinfectant for milking equipment, pipelines, tanks, surfaces, heat exchangers and separators in the milk production and milk processing areas. MelkDes 15 is particularly suitable for the intermediate disinfection of milking equipment. A 0.7-0.8% application solution contains the required 1,050-1,200 ppm peracetic acid. The milking equipment must be rinsed with clear water before and after disinfection. Milking equipment can be either immersed or sprayed.

Product advantages:

  • with a broad spectrum of effect against bacteria, yeast, mould fungi and spore-forming organisms
  • also effective at lower temperatures (4 °C)
  • free from chlorine, phosphates and aldehydes

Active ingredient: Peracetic acid

Packaging: 21 kg


Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

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