DESINTEC® AMS Clean S (acidic) is a liquid detergent for milking robots, standard milking systems, milk tanks, computerised calf feeder and nursing systems (e.g. Neopigg Rescue Cups). DESINTEC® AMS Clean S removes milk stone, water hardness residue and iron coating. It is recommended to use the detergent interchangeably with AMS Clean A (1:1). The detergent is suitable for all types of water hardness.

Product advantages:

  • a special acidic detergent for milking robots and milk tanks
  • suitable for all types of water hardness
  • guarantees a low germ count in the robot system
  • suitable for stainless steel and acid-resistant plastic such as PTFE, PE.

Packaging: 24 kg canister, 70 kg canister and 245 kg barrel


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