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Alongside the professional advice of our DESINTEC® products, we also provide services in the areas of rodent control, mite control and silo cleaning.

Over the last few years, the topic of bio-security in agricultural operations has gained significance due to the increase in performance numbers, higher demand for animal health and foodstuff safety, but also the increase in foreign workforce employment. Alongside a large selection of hygiene products, we also offer operation-individual hygiene and management advice.

Some significant examples in relation to this:

• Inactivation of antibiotics
• Reduction of salmonella strain
• Mite control
• Increase in udder and hoof health
• Fly and rodent control

Together with the operational managers we aim to create a sustainable, functioning and economically attractive hygiene concept for the respective features of agricultural operations.

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High workload and constantly increasing operating units for agricultural operations often ensure that the necessary measures for rat and mouse control are only carried out sporadically and therefore not consistently. This results in the danger of contamination of feedstuff, of feed damage and rodent damage, and above all, the introduction and spreading of disease. Support in the form of a professional service can be bought by every farmer: a qualified professional then independently carries out the visual control for rodent infestation, complete maintenance and control of the bait box, and the many seemingly undesirable (but required by the lawmaker and demanded by the QM system) documentation for rodent control.

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In order to achieve both good animal health and a high performance level in layer hen farming, an efficient service period is required during layer hen farming, the following steps should be maintained:

• House out
• Basic cleaning (stable and drinking water system)
• Disinfection (stable and drinking water system)
• Mite control

A precise termination and planing of these individual steps is important above all else. If you desire, we can plan and carry out all procedures for you during the service period.

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Faultless storage of high-quality feedstuff in external silos is an important provision for high performance in the stable. Therefore, regular control of the silos for cleanliness is very important. With a new, innovative cleaning system from our hygiene co-operation partner, this work can be carried out without complications and quickly. The silos are soaked in four steps, intensively cleaned, disinfected and subsequently dried. Entry hatches, that are not currently present, can likewise be cost-effectively built in. After cleaning, the silos are dried and can be filled up again after approx. 3 hours.

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