DESINTEC® Rattenköderstation Kunststoff

DESINTEC® Rattenköderstation Kunststoff (DESINTEC® rat bait station plastic) is a black rat bait station with a lock made of resilient plastic for the control of rats and mice. It is possible to fix the bait material (e.g. paste) with a bait bar. This is inserted into the lower section and acquiesces in two built-in guides. So long as the lid is locked onto the box, the bar remains fixed. In the lower section there a holes, on the one hand to allow water out and on the other they can be used to fix the box with a ground anchor to the ground.

Product advantages:

  • produced of weatherproof, UV-resistant plastic
  • separated lower and upper level => lid can be completely removed
  • Measurements: 32 x 22 x 12cm
  • Can be locked and dimensionally stable - no spoil in the sun or frost
  • the internal space is chambered
  • one of the feed chambers is equipped with a pin on which the paste can be placed
  • suitable for all types of bait: loose bait, paste bait, 100 g bait bag, 200 g firm bait


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