DESINTEC® DitEx is a water-soluble powder from the neonicotinoid family used to combat flies, including the vinegar fly, in stables. The sugar and pheromone ingredients make DitEx very attractive to flies. It is a contact insecticide, which has an excellent immediate effect, as well as a long-term effect of up to 6 weeks. Application via painting or spraying procedures. For a lasting reduction in the number of flies, a combination of DESINTEC® DitEx for combating adult flies and DESINTEC® CyroEx for combating the larvae in the manure, is recommended.

Active ingredient: Thiamethoxam

Dosage: Sufficient for approx. 200 square metres, paint or spray

Packaging: 400 g


Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

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