DESINTEC® MH-LactiSpray is a ready-to-use teat disinfectant and care agent with a lactic acid base for spraying the teats after milking. Spraying the teats with LactiSpray can be automated. MH-LactiSpray forms a thin, visible protective film when sprayed. The additional care components keep the teat skin, which is strongly stressed through milking, supple. MH-LactiSpray safely disinfects the teat skin which is sustained through the lactic acid contained.

Active ingredient: Lactic acid

Packaging: 20 kg canister, 61 kg canister (e.g. for robots), 220 kg barrel and 650 kg container

Product advantages:

  • safe and sustainable disinfecting of the teat skin due to lactic acid contained
  • spraying the teats with LactiSpray can be automated


Use biocides carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

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